About Us

One touch logistics  is a limited company operating within both the COMESA and international countries. Our head office is  located in Nairobi the capital city of Kenya .One touch logistics  was founded 10years ago. Since its inception One touch logistics continues to provide efficient and world class services with personal touch and today’s services by all means to meet it’s customers needs with innovative and convincing product.

We have gained unmatched reputation for our expertise and priority customers services.Through our employees comprising a team of professional and committed staff who take great pride in providing services level to all customers.

One touch logistics has gone to extra extend of opening an office and warehouse in China which has operated since the year 2007 to date. We ensure that we satisfy our customers as far as consolidation is concerned.One touch  logistics has been assisting African countries to do purchases in China.

This is a dynamic ever-changing world of international trade . Existing and recently developed markets are expanding around the globe. we are taking an active role in assisting our customers with their logistics in general.

Our management staff has extensive expertise in international freight forwarding and shipping industry .In addition our operations staff are highly trained and experts in their various areas of operations.We equate quality with safety punctuality and reliability.Every day we deliver quality services with every shipment we handle .

Through out the world the company has established a comprehensive network of shipping agents,carefully selected based upon local back ground and knowledge in their particular country as well as their capability to maintain the service level expected by One touch logistics.In return the company achieves the satisfaction of the shippers and the consignee.



One touch  logistics, We have trust and mutual respect to our customers. We believe in turning them to be our long term partners. We are dedicated to continuous quality improvement in order to achieve absolute customer satisfaction.

We offer dedicated terms to our customers so that working relationship can be developed strongly to bind  us and enable them transact business with ease.

We do our jobs thoroughly and in shortest time possible and our rates are always reasonable compared to our competitors.



We believe that in order to succeed in today’s  ever –changing markets; we need to offer good coal value for money.

Pro –active management, integrity communications and big company benefit but with small personalized services levels.

Emphasis is on customers relationship and services and our objective is long term development rather than short  term profit.


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